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Product Care Warranty Information

With our Australis Leisure Outdoor furniture you can be assured of a very high quality and hand finished products. Australis Leisure provide 3 years warranty* against faulty workmanship and timber.

*The 3 year warranty extends to domestic use only, for commercial use our standard warranty is 1 years from date of order.

  • The warranty does not extend to screw and fastenings on chair which require regular checking to ensure they are not working.
  • The Warranty does not covered for Misuse or Abuse
  • The warranty does not extend to surface checking*


What is Surface Checking in Kwila/MERBAU and TEAK and other hardwoods?

Kwila And Teak is a natural material and as such fine cracks in the wood may appear and disappear with changes in the weather and the consequent changes in the moisture content of the wood. Such fine cracks are normal in all hardwoods and will not affect the life or serviceability of your furniture.


Why does this happen?

The primary reason for surface checking is in layman’s terms; the wood absorbs moisture and dries out. When there is very heavy moisture absorption, the inner layers of the wood does not dry as quickly as the outer layers. Sometimes the volume change is not equal in all directions and movement can be seen as a surface crack. The outside section dries out quickly and shrinks while the inside section continues to dry more slowly. Surface checks will close up in time as the whole of the section dries out. The process can be hastened by oiling the surface to add moisture back into the grain. Oily tannin naturally occurring in kwila is a valuable protection against splitting.


Kwila and quality hardwood retain its hygroscopic characteristics after it is put into use. It is then subjected to fluctuating humidity, and moisture , the dominant factors in determining its EMC, or “Equilibrium Moisture Content “. Your kwila furniture is kiln dried to a moisture content that is close to average EMC conditions to which it will be exposed. The Australian Standard for Timber Drying Quality ( AS/NZS 4787, 2001) recognizes that there is quite a difference in seasonal changes in States across Australia with the EMC recommended as low as 6% to 18% depending on the location.


How is Surface Checking different to a split?

A split is where there is a crack both sides of the wood and not just a gap in the surface.